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Tạp chí Khoa học công nghệ xây dựng, số 1/2023

Ngày tạo : 29/03/2023

Bìa Tạp chí.

Mục lục.

Determination of wind loads on porous sunshade roof cover sheets using conversion factor, download

Vu Thanh Trung

Developing a method for determining the natural frequency of a structure using multiple combined measurements in the frequency domain, download

Vu Dinh Huong, Ta Duc Tuan

A comparative investigation using artificial neural network (ANN) and decision tree (DT) methods in the prediction of slump and strength for concrete samples, download

Vu Van Tuan

Some issues about the foundation design of wind power tower in actual conditions in Vietnam, download

Tran Huy Tan, Tran Duc Hieu, Bui Dang Luong

Experimental study of interface shear characteristics between calcareous soil and steel, application to estimate axial bearing capacity of steel pile, download

Nguyen Thanh Sang, Nguyen Tuong Lai, Pham Duc Tiep

Key changes to wind load provisions of the draft TCVN 2737:202x, download

Nguyen Manh Cuong,Vu Thanh Trung

New contents in the draft version of TCVN 9386:2023, download

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