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Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng số 4/2011

Ngày tạo : 14/07/2015

Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng số 4/2011

TS. Nguyễn Đại Minh, KS. Phạm Anh Tuấn
Yêu cầu về tải trọng và tác động khi thiết kế nhà cao tầng ở Việt Nam, download
TS. Lê Thị Thu Huyền
Xác định chu kỳ dao động riêng của nhà khung ở vùng chịu động đất, download
TS. Cao Duy Khôi
Sụp đổ (phá huỷ) dây chuyền - Một số vấn đề nghiên cứu trên thế giới và cần quan tâm trong xây dựng tại Việt Nam, download
TS. Trần Minh Đức, KS. Phan Công Phương
Nghiên cứu sử dụng hoá chất làm tăng sức chống phân rã của vật liệu sét trong nước, download
TS. Nguyễn Quốc Ý, PGS. TS. Nguyễn Thị Bảy, KS. Hà Phương
Đánh giá hiệu quả thông gió của quả cầu hút nhiệt và so sánh với một ống thông gió đơn giản, download
TS. Trần Minh Đức
Từ biến của bê tông hạt mịn, download
ThS. Nguyễn Tiến Thành, TS. Hoàng  Minh Đức
Ảnh hưởng của vữa xây mạch mỏng đến cường độ chịu nén của khối xây bê tông khí chưng áp, download
KS. Phan Văn Chương, GS.TSKH. Nguyễn Minh Tuyển
Nghiên cứu ảnh hưởng chiều dày màng sơn khô đến tính năng chống ăn mòn kết cấu thép của hệ sơn Epoxy giàu kẽm – Polyurethane,download
TS. Nguyễn Hạnh Quyên, NCS. Phạm Việt Hoà, NCS. Lê Văn Hùng
Nghiên cứu chuyển dịch nhà máy xi măng Cẩm Phả bằng công nghệ GPS độ chính xác cao, download
ThS. Trần Ngọc Đông
Đánh giá mức độ phụ thuộc độ chuyển dịch công trình vào một số yếu tố ngoại cảnh bằng phương pháp phân tích tương quan tuyến tính đơn, download


Requirements of loads and actions on high-rise building design in Vietnam (pp. 3 -8)
Dr. Nguyen Dai Minh, Eng. Pham Anh Tuan
This article presents important yet unclear issues on loads and actions used in high-rise building design following construction standards of Vietnam. These particular issues include special live loads in high-rise buildings such as garage live load, helicopter landing pad live load, and determination and conversion of input data and return period conversion factor for calculation of wind loads between Vietnam standards and foreign standards. The article also presents several notes on analysis of seismic effects on structures in high-rise building design. 
Experimentally based formulations of natural periods of frame buildings in earthquake affected regions (pp. 9 – 16)
Dr. Le Thi Thu Huyen
This paper presents the analysis of dynamic characteristics of frame buildings. The influence of a building size in plan (length) and a foundation soil category on the natural periods and the reduction elastic vibration of the frame buildings is proposed. The experimental relationships for the frame buildings at the elastic behavior stage such as: «the relationship between the natural periods and the building stories» and «vibration decrement, number of stories» are also given in this paper. This analysis has been conducted to assess seismic impacts including the earthquake intensities, durations and recurrence rates on the frame building dynamic characteristics.
Progressive collapse – some problems research in the world and concerned in building in Vietnam (pp. 17 – 20)
Dr. Cao Duy Khoi
Progressive collapse is a very dangerous phenomenon for buildings, it causes many hard consequences to the human and property. There was a lot of research about this matter in the world; however it has not been mentioned in Vietnam. This article proposes to mention about the basic concept, some real examples, research and deploy situations in the world, in order to bring the readers an overview of Progressive collapse.
Study on the use of chemicals to increase the resistance of clay material to decomposition in water (pp. 21 – 27)
Dr. Tran Minh Duc, Eng. Phan Cong Phuong
Clay used from ancient buildings in our country: ceiling, wall, building brick to stucco, stone ... until now still used in rural and mountainous areas for the construction of temporary. Currently there are many relics of the clay component. they usually have in common is a form of damage to soil erosion by water (rain-water), especially the constructions were exposed to air. Enhanced water resistance of clay mortar by CCK in service restoration, conservation of monuments and rural projects is the purpose of research.
Performance testing and comparision of a turbine ventilator and a vent column (pp. 28 – 35)
Dr. Nguyen Quoc Y, A/Prof. Dr.Nguyen Thi Bay, Eng. Ha Phuong
Ventilating performance of a turbine ventilator, the most used device for natural ventilation, and a vent column, a simpler and cheaper device, is tested and compared experimentally. Experiments are conducted on a room model with heat sources inside and wind outside. Results show that under the test conditions, the simple column performs better or equivalently to the turbine.
Creep of fine concrete (pp. 36 – 38)
Dr. Tran Minh Duc
Results presentation of an experimental study of fine concrete defomation cauesed by the creep pressured speciments in long time. The measured results were evaluated by 2 type fine concarete: nomal and mixed by extrusion method. Compressive strength, shrinkage and creep of fine concrete have been determined and the relationship between those properties was studied. The result allows evaluation of stress deformation and apperance of cracks in concrete.
Influence of thin-bed mortar to the autoclaved aerated concrete masonry compressive strength (pp. 39 – 45)
MEng. Nguyen Tien Thanh, Dr. Hoang Minh Duc
Normally, both thick-bed mortar and thin-bed mortar are applied for autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units. In Vietnam, there is not any guidance, however, for calculation of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units with thin-bed mortar. By practical tests, this article introduce that applied thin-bed mortar could increase adhesiveness of masonry units, change failure mechanism and enhance load bearing of the masonry units. Therefore, thin-bed mortar is an effective method to enhance performance of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units.
Studying on the effect of dry film thickness to corrosion resistance of steel structures with epoxy paint system containing zinc – polyurethane (pp. 46 – 50)

Eng. Phan Van Chuong, Prof.Dr.Sc. Nguyen Minh Tuyen
This paper deals  with  research rusult the effect of dry film thickness to corrosion resistance of steel structures with epoxy paint system containing zinc- polyurethane by experimental planning conception.
The movement research campha cement factory in technology high accuracy GPS (pp. 51 – 56)
Dr. Nguyen Hanh Quyen, PhD. Student Pham Viet Hoa, PhD. Student Le Van Hung
In Vietnam, GPS technology has been used in research work transfer. However, for buildings along the coast to the specific geology of the foundation, the applicability of monitoring technology transfer, wave, wind, tides affect the accuracy of the application monitoring ... GPS technology for high precision monitoring transfer has not been specific research applications. Cam Pha cement plant is typical of coastal works, was studied using GPS technology transfer accuracy through 5 cycles of measurement. GPS measurement data is processed to measure the GPS connected to the global and post-treatment results were compared with the total station measurements to assess the accuracy of determining shift. The paper is done within the framework of research state "study and recommend ways to use GPS technology high accuracy in determining the shift of coastal construction projects."
Assessment of the work displacement’s dependence on some external elements using the method of simple linear correlation analysis (pp. 57 – 61)
MEng. Tran Ngoc Dong
During monitoring the work deformation, it is realized that its settlement and displacement firstly depend on physico-mechanical property of foundation soil and some other random elements such as moisture, underground water level, etc. Impacts of the mentioned elements can change settlement and displacement rules chronologically. Thus, one among important tasks of monitoring the deformation of the work is to assess the dependence of the work settlement and displacement on random elements. In this article, the author represents the method of simple linear correlation analysis to assess the work displacement’s dependence on some external elements.

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