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Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng số 4/2009

Ngày tạo : 14/07/2015

Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng số 4/2009

ThS. Vũ Thành Trung, GS. Yukio Tamura, PGS. Akihito Yoshida
Nghiên cứu xác định tải trọng gió lên các tấm che nắng có độ rỗng khác nhau bằng ổng thổi khí động,
ThS. Phan Văn Quảng, TS. Otani Shunsuke, PGS.TS. Ohami Hoichi
Khảo sát sự tắt dần động trong phân tích đáp ứng phi tuyến bằng mô hình hệ số tắt dần tỷ lệ với độ cứng tức thời,
ThS. Lê Trung Phong
Về các tính năng cơ lý của vật liệu dùng cho kết cấu bê tông cốt thép trong một số tiêu chuẩn hiện hành,
PGS.TS. Trần Đức Hạ
Các giải pháp tổng hợp cải thiện môi trường nước hồ đô thị,
PGS.TS. Bùi Sỹ Lý, KS. Bùi Thị Hiếu
Nghiên cứu giải pháp thông gió làm mát đoạn nhiệt áp suất dương để chống nóng và cải thiện môi trường lao động,
KS. Tạ Xuân Hoà, KS. Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
Một số giải pháp tiết kiệm năng lượng cho hệ thống thông gió và điều hoà không khí trong công trình xây dựng tại Việt Nam,
ThS. Đoàn Văn Động
Nghiên cứu đề xuất dây chuyền công nghệ xử lý nước thải bệnh viện huyện Mường La – Sơn La,
ThS. Khương Văn Huân
Đánh giá cường độ bê tông trên các công trình thuỷ lợi khu vực đồng bằng sông Cửu Long,
KS. Tống Thị Hạnh, PGS.TS.Trương Quang Hiếu
Đề xuất giải pháp đánh giá độ ổn định mốc chuẩn dựa vào kết quả bình sai dãy chênh cao đo nhiều chu kỳ,
KS. Trần Ngọc Đông
Khảo sát phương pháp đo kiểm tra lưới trục thi công nhà cao tầng bằng công nghệ GPS,

Studying to determine wind loading on porous sunshade roof cover sheets with differential porosities using wind tunnel (pp. 3- 8)
MEng. Vu thanh trung, Prof. Yukio tamura,  A/Prof. Akihito Yoshida
Porous sunshade roof cover sheets are used to reduce temperatures inside buildings. This paper describes a parametric wind tunnel study carried out to investigate the influence of porosity on wind loadings. The mean, fluctuating (rms), maximum peak and minimum peak wind pressure distributions over the surfaces of a porous sunshade roof cover sheet were measured for porosities of 0%, 5% and 10% (ratio of area of orifices to area of porous sunshade roof cover sheet). The results show that the porous sunshade roof cover sheet with no porosity (0%) had the highest wind loading, and that those with porosities of 5% and 10% were most effective in reducing wind loading. 
Discussion on tangent stiffness-proportional damping in nonlinear response analysis (pp. 9-12)
MEng. Phan van quang, Dr. OTANI Shunsuke, A/Prof.Dr. OHAMI Koichi
This research is presented for two calculating methods of tangent stiffness-proportional damping in nonlinear response analysis. In continuous damping force model, the damping force is considered proportional to the instant velocity. In discontinuous damping force model, the increment of damping force is considered proportional to the increment of instant velocity. The properties and the damping efficiency of the two models is analyzed and compared with each others.
About the physical-mechanical properties of materials used for reinforced concrete structures specified in some current standards (pp. 13-22)
MEng. LE Trung Phong
The Vietnam standard TCXDVN 375:2006 is mainly established based on the Eurocode 8 regarding to seismic loads and actions. To apply this standard, all the materials and structures used shall comply with EN 1992-1-1:2004. In this paper, the author describes the regulations specified in EN 1992-1-1:2004 and TCXDVN 356:2005 and then proposes necessary recommendations for designing structures under seismic loads according to TCXDVN 356:2005. In addition, the author also present a study on the available steel types and their manufacturers as well as applicable levels of the relevant standards.
Integrated technical solution for improving the  quality of water environment of urban lakes (pp. 23-28)
A/Prof.Dr. Tran Duc Ha
On the basis of a study on the origination, function and characteristic of  urban lakes located in different ecological regions, the Ministry of Construction-level research theme (code: RDMT 15-06) assessed the impacts of urbanization on water environment of urban lakes. This paper presents a integrated technical measure for improving lake water quality and for conserving the urban landscape, such as: artificial oxygen supply, wastewater dilution, aquatic macrophyte cultivation. The integrated solution composing technical and management measures is proposed.
Research on positive pressure adiabatic vaporization ventilation for heat resistant and labour environmental improvement (pp. 29-31)
A/Prof.Dr. Bui Sy Ly, Eng. Bui Thi Hieu
Labour environment of most industrial zones and enterprises are facing with various pollution levels. According to monitoring results, 66% of enterprises are polluted by heating. But most of them neither have any heat resistant ventilation system nor have improper ventilation system so their workers always work in high temperature and humidity environment. During summer, temperature of some areas of the workshops is higher than outside from 5 to 80C. Working with high labour intensity, long time period in severe working condition have been impacted seriously to worker health and reducing their labour productivity. Hence, the research aims to recommend the new ventilation system, which is low capita investment and operational and maintenance costs and suitable with mentioned practical situation.
Some energy saving solutions for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems in building structures in Vietnam (pp. 32-36)
Eng. ta xuan hoa, Eng. nguyen tuan anh
According to an investigation on energy consumptions in buildings, the electrical energy consumed by the ventilation and air-conditioning systems is about 70%-90% the total consumed energy. Therefore, energy saving for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems is the most important question.
In this paper, the authors present some energy saving solutions for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems in building structures, including: energy saving solution in the stage of architectural design, in the stage of design of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, during the construction stage and during the operation and exploitation process.
Studying to propose the technological line for treating the waste water discharged by the Muong La district hospital – Son La province (pp. 37- 41)
MEng. Doan Van Dong
The Muong La district hospital – Son La province has some 100 sick-beds. Due to the lack of treating, the waste water discharged from the hospital contains much organic substances, sediments, pathogenic microbe.. that have been and are making the surrounding environment polluted.
In this paper, the author presents a study for selecting the technological line for treating the waste water discharged by the Muong La hospital, the design, construction of the line and transfer of the treating technology that uses biological filters with a capacity of 60m3 per day.
Assessment of concrete strength change in hydraulic structures located in the Mekong river delta (pp. 42-47)
MEng. Khuong Van Huan
The Mekong river delta  with area is about 390.000 square kilometer. Sixty percent (60%) of this area affected by sulfate acidity and salinity intrusion. Hydraulic reinforced concrete structures, constructed in these areas have signs of high corrosion. Based on studying results, it is shown that the strength of concrete is decreased higher in acid environment than those in salty environment. After 30 years, concrete in acid environment will be unable to use due to the degradation of concrete.
In this paper, the author presents an assessment of concrete compressive strength change in hydraulic structures in order to determine the remaining compressive strength and propose recommendations on technical solutions for ensuring the corrosion resistance of concrete structures in the said area.
Proposal of a solution for assessing the stability of benchmarks in the basic network based on the adjustment result of periods (pp. 48-50)
Eng.Tong Thi Hanh, A/Prof.Dr. Truong Quang Hieu
In this paper, the authors propose one way to assess the stability subsidence benchmark measured by periods based on statistical hypothesis testing with distribution D– Simon.
Investigation of measuring methods for checking the geodetic network for construction of high-rise buildings with GPS technology (pp. 51-54)
Eng. Tran Ngoc Dong
High-rise buildings have been are being increasingly built in big cities such as Hanoi, HCMC and many other city in Vietnam as a indispensable tendency. In the surveying work for construction of high-rise buildings, to ensure the verticality of the building is a matter of great importance in order not to influence on the bearing capacity of the building. 
In this paper, the author presents an investigation on measuring methods for checking the geodetic network for construction of high-rise buildings established by the Contractor with GPS technology in terms of the geodetic network reliability.

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